Meet Riich the Detroit native born and raised on the Westside. When she’s not too busy working hard she likes to write, do yoga with meditation and do adventurous activities with friends. Riich is mainly known for her dancing, which she has been doing since she was age 5. She’s danced on stage behind people like Mariah Carey and was even on the television show So You Think You Can Dance. But it doesn’t stop there. Riich likes to look at herself as a Jack of all trades. She’s one of many rare creative minds. Whenever she’s not performing, she’s modeling, motivational speaking, or creating visuals whether it’s for fashion, music and photography. Riich doesn’t like to limit herself to just one thing when she has so much to be inspired by. She’s mostly inspired by life’s experiences and the people around her. She also tends to be inspired by the things she visualizes in her mind her imagination. She’s always been inspired by the King himself Michael Jackson when it comes to the art of dance and vintage styles and clothing from the era of the 60’s through the 90’s when it comes to fashion. Riich believes that all of her inspirations have made her to be the bold individual that she is today. Riich has now teamed up with artist Louis Picasso and Hiiigher Minds as creative director to make some great visuals come to life. Riich believes that in life there is no limit and with consistency and staying true to your craft you will never fail.