Founder "Louis Picasso" Gholston


At the core of Hiiigherminds lies creativity, we live to inspire people to follow their dreams and passions. We are a full-service media production company. This includes bringing art to life for our marketplace, providing essentials like photography, cinematography, project development tools, and music production/engineering. Our target audience belongs to millennials who are on the prowl for new art statements, projects, fashion, and/or new movements. 

HiiigherMinds was founded in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2014 by "Louis Picasso" Gholston. Our goal is to create and help artists create all throughout Michigan and the United States focusing on entrepreneurs, artists of all kind, and those that "Create Above the Average Minds". The soul of HM is our competitive advantage, the mindset that we have and try to bring to others is what brings more projects our way. We are a brand built from artists and creative minds this brings forward like-minded individuals who are also a part of the “culture”.